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Does DNG really support OSLC-CM config?

Matthew Stone (23311) | asked Jun 06 '17, 10:20 p.m.

Maybe as a provider but DNG doesn't as a consumer. I've modified the sample Lyo Bugzilla to provide the OSLC-RM spec and OSLC-CM~config spec.  When I attempt to create an "Association" the RM namespace works by rendering a list of "Artifact Containers"  but the CM~config namespace doesn't.  When will DNG support the OSLC-CM~config spec as a consumer?  For the record, here's my namespace definition...

That could be wrong but not according to the spec.  Furthered by the fact that's the same namespace DNG uses in its root services document. So I think its clear DNG doesn't support the config spec as a consumer because it never makes a request for the Service Provider catalog.

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