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Change mime type of Uploaded artifact

Anh Do (27114) | asked Apr 24 '17, 3:07 a.m.

 Hi Team,

Is it possible to change the mime type (public_rm_10:wrappedResource or rm:wrappedResourceMimeType) of an uploaded artifact? I uploaded an image to RDNG via using "Upload Artifact" menu in ALM RM, after that I want to change the mime type of that image artifact to some other mime type, for example from <public_rm_10:wrappedResourceContentType rdf:datatype="">
</public_rm_10:wrappedResourceContentType> to <public_rm_10:wrappedResourceContentType rdf:datatype="">

Is there any possible way to do so?

Thank you,
Best regards,
Anh Do,

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