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How to backup data locally for DNG on the cloud

Andrew Clement (7272473) | asked Mar 06 '17, 4:01 a.m.

Our server was upgraded over the weekend.
Prior to the upgrade, we created a baseline in case the upgrade was not successful.
However, a baseline  would not enable us to recover from a lost server, or a similar  disaster.
Is there a way that we can backup our project data, similar to the .dpa  that DOORS Classic could generate?
This would have to be to a local  backup, not a cloud backup, that we can keep that as an completely  independent backup.
And, of course, there would have to be some way or  restoring that backup.

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Howard Hsiao (5.5k17) | answered Mar 06 '17, 4:03 a.m.

To completely backup ALL data, it has to be done at the server side by backing up the database.                                   

There are two ways to backup data locally with some limitations.       

Method 1. create a ReqIF definition and then export/download the ReqIF file   
What can be in the ReqIF definition:
  Links, folders, tags of the selected artifacts/modules               
  Cannot create from a baseline                                         
  Must be created from the latest data                                 
  Some meta data (eg. reviews) are not in the ReqIF                     
  Have to select artifacts/modules individually                         
To get data back:                                                       
  Import the ReqIF into a different folder                             

Method 2. create a project template and then download the project template file
What can be in the project template:
  artifacts, artifact templates,module templates, attributes and data   
  types, links, link types, folder structure, tags, shared views,       
  preferred link types of the WHOLE project                             
  Cannot create from a baseline                                         
  Must be created from the latest data                                 
  Some meta data (eg. reviews) are not in the project template file     
To get data back:                                                       
  Create a new project area from the template                           

Note: None of the two local backup methods can restore the original artifacts. They only create copies of the data. 

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Ralph Schoon (63.3k33646) | answered Mar 06 '17, 4:19 a.m.

I am not aware of such a capability. For all I know you can only backup the whole system. See for how to back up.

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Steve Pendergrass (261) | answered Mar 20 '17, 10:20 a.m.

Our DNG on Cloud offering includes daily DR backups of the entire environment (VM(s)). In the event of total loss of the server(s), we are able to restore the environment with no older than 24 hour RPO (recovery point objective) data. Thus, keeping a local DR data backup is not necessary with our DNG on Cloud offering.

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