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Problems with Starting Jazz Server

Milan Krivic (9808162136) | asked Sep 10 '09, 4:30 a.m.

We noticed that we have a little problem with starting Jazz Team Server. Actually, we are using Jazz Team Server configured with DB2 and LDAP user registry.
We also made a few batch scripts for doing backup every night, and we have a situation that our Jazz Server should't start in one day per week, for example, it happends in Thursday for us. I read log file, and I need help:

I got this warn in log file:
2009-09-10 01:00:01,116 WARN - CRJAZ0867I Attempted to remove the job "LogChangeEventAppenderTask" but the job is not scheduled.
2009-09-10 01:00:01,132 WARN - CRJAZ0991I Failed to get the asynchronous scheduler service to schedule the log appender. Some log entries might be persisted to disk, but not appended to the log feed.


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