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Project Templates aren't replicating Artifact Types or Artiface Attributes...

Nathan Gewecke (111) | asked Feb 28 '17, 11:06 a.m.

I have a project with well defined Artifact Types and Attributes that I want to replicate to an different server.  I thought that Templates was what I wanted.  I have followed the following guides on how to get my template created and how to import them.  But when I create a project the project only has my custom Attribute Data Types (which I see are there and correct) not my Artifact Types and Artifact Attributes.   More or less I am trying to mimic the "Requirements Template for Testers" template.


Creating Templates

Managing Templates

Configuring LPA Template for Project Templates


I feel like I am just missing a small piece of the puzzle here...  any ideas?


FYI: I am running DoorsNG 6.0.3

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Donald Nong (14.4k313) | answered Mar 01 '17, 1:38 a.m.

If you have any artifact type enabled for workflow, try disabling it (setting back to blank) before creating the project template. I have found that the association with the default workflow can cause such problem.

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