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Squid proxy configuration

Kanagasabapathi R (17113) | asked Feb 13 '17, 1:34 a.m.


I have a doubt in configuring squid caching proxy for our ALM environment as per wiki:

We haven’t implemented the reverse proxy on our environment.

We have deployed JTS,CCM,QM and RM on single host with different alias name for each applications i.e, to access JTS the url would be and for CCM the url would be like and similarly for rest of the applications.

How the squid.conf can be tuned based on the above requirements.

Could somebody help ?

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Shubjit Naik (1.5k1613) | answered Feb 13 '17, 3:05 a.m.

Hi Kanagasabapathi

In your case you should configure squid to your CCM base URL alone, https://ccmserver/.

Squid Caching proxy works only for RTC SCM operations and Work Item Attachments only and should be used only with non-browser clients only, example Eclipse/VS/SCM CLI/Jazz Builds.

Make sure you don't use the Squid Cache URL on the Browser.
Best Regards

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Kanagasabapathi R commented Feb 13 '17, 6:29 a.m.

Hi Shubjit,

Thanks for your response.
i would like to ask this question for my understanding, if we configure squid proxy to use requirement management (RM) application, will the artifacts be cached by squid ? or it will not ?
Can you please share documentation link to understand in detailed about what operations can be done via Squid proxy ?

Shubjit Naik commented Feb 13 '17, 6:36 a.m. | edited Feb 13 '17, 6:37 a.m.

 Hi Kanagasabapathi

No, it won't cache data for RM, QM or DM. It should not be configured for these applications.

The only documentation we have written up for Squid Cache with Jazz is the following,  you seem to have visited this already.

The data that is cached by Squid is only Source Code data (RTC) and attachments, for Work Items edit/create you should continue using the CCM Public URI.

Kanagasabapathi R commented Feb 13 '17, 7:10 a.m.

Thank you Shubjit

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