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run test suite from RQM execution tool

sara chason (277) | asked Feb 05 '17, 8:48 a.m.


I'm using RQM execution tool to execute my test suites, but I'm interested to create a TSER first (using REST API), set a value to a field in my test suit and then run it.
my question is - how do I retrieve my test suite, set a value to a field in it (for example: an execution variable field), create a new test suite execution record (through REST API) and then run it using RQM execution tool?

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abhishek gour (3362) | answered Feb 13 '17, 10:54 p.m.


if you are interested in execution variable setting while using RQM Execution Tool, this can be achieved via using option "-variables=<var1Name:var1Value,var2Name:,va3Name:var3Value> " while running the tool. 

If you want to set some of the other fields of Test Suites before running the TSER then you can do so by doing a GET on the TSER, this would give you Test Suite link. Then you can do a PUT with required field data on that Test Suite. 

Fox Example - GET on TSER can be done as follows - 
This would return the associated "testsuite" reference. Use that to do the required PUT. 

More about Using REST APIs can be found here -

I hope this helps. 

sara chason commented Feb 16 '17, 9:13 a.m.

 is it possible to create a TSER from REST API the same way of GET update xml result and then PUT the changed xml?

so far I didn't see a test suite's execution records list when retrieving a test suite so I can add a TSER to the list and PUT my changes, so I wonder how can it be done differently.

sara chason commented Feb 16 '17, 9:16 a.m.

 and also - what is the best way to parse the xml result I get from REST API\OSLC in order to get a certain field? (I'm using Python if it matters)

Donald Nong commented Feb 16 '17, 8:30 p.m.

For Python, you can use the builtin ElementTree library.

You can search "python xml" to find other compatible libraries as well.

Can't say which is "best" though.

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