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Is it possible to add the RGB colours in DOORS NG

Glenn Watkins (8837) | asked Jan 25 '17, 5:00 a.m.


We are using DOORS NG  V 6.0.3

Is it possible to manipulate the font colors with the RGB functionality in the Doors editor, we need to get to a specific font color that is not available by default.

Thanking you in advance


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Donald Nong (14.4k314) | answered Mar 13 '17, 9:41 p.m.

Yes it is possible. You can follow the steps below, with cautions, and be careful not to mess up with the text you are editing.
1. Open an artifact of interest.
2. Edit the content and set the text to some color, so you know what the color code looks like.
3. Add the debug flag to the URL so it looks like ../rm/web?debug=true#action=... and reload the page. It will take a bit longer than usual to load as some extra stuff has to be loaded in the debug mode.
4. Click the Edit button to get into edit mode. Notice that a new Source button appears on the left hand side of the edit toolbar.
5. Make some small changes to enable the Save button.
6. Click the Source button to reveal the XHTML source.
7. Make appropriate changes to the source code.
8. Without switching to the normal mode, click on the Save button.
9. Click the Source button again to review the content.

Step 5 to 9 appear to be quite strict. If not followed in this order, RDNG sometimes refuses to save the changes without showing any hints.

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