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database table to get attachment details linked to a work item

Rashmi B (19126) | asked Jan 04 '17, 3:44 p.m.

I am trying to create a query from database to get the list of work items/requests which has attachments.
I know that all the request information starts from RIODS.REQUEST table. However not sure where the attachment information will be stored.
I am just looking get the numbers around what items have attachments. not extracting the attachments.

I am using RTC 5.0.2


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Kenji Sarai (96029) | answered Jan 04 '17, 8:07 p.m.
Hi Rashmi,

Given that you are referring to RIODS.REQUEST, I assume you are creating a query for data warehouse. Unfortunately REST API for RTC does not have a capability to upload attachments. See

You might consider using OSLC.

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