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What is the best method to record test equipment in RQM for device testing not focused on servers?

Forrest Chesley (111) | asked Oct 14 '16, 3:42 p.m.

For example: Electrical Input Signals such as a Function Generator or a measurement device such as a flow meter or digital multimeter.

I work for a medical device manufacturer so we have a lot of measurement equipment but not many servers and have recently started using RQM.

We are investigating lab management and created test environments that so we can pick them when executing a test case, so we see some benefit of using lab management.

Because of regulations we need to have the original details of every piece of test equipment used for each test case maintained with the final result and execution record for traceability.

Our first issue is  that upon re-execution of a test case it is almost guaranteed some different pieces of equipment will be used rather than a whole different environment. (perhaps a different, unique function generator with different serial numbers and calibration dates) For example the device under test will stay the same but the exact accessories connected will differ. We see that if we alter an environment that the changes are propagated to completed tests using that environment, which is a problem for traceability.

Our second issue is our tests require so many different pieces of test equipment we see the list of environments becoming way too long.

Is there any advice on handling a large number of different test equipment while maintaining traceability?

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Don Yang (7.6k21100135) | answered Oct 16 '16, 11:06 p.m.
Hi, Forrest

Some thoughts from me:

1) if the the different pieces of equipment are close enough or represent the different aspects of same function, you may consider to use test suite to group test cases for each aspect/test case scenario.
2) if the environments for the same test case are different, consider to create multiple TCERs and each TCER has its own environment so that you always have the unique TCER for different test case-environment.
3) I am not sure if using environment is the only way to record your use case. You may check if category or attribute can be used for your use case given that many of them are close related.
4) you may explore JRS(reporting builder) and see if it could help traceability problem using different filters(conditions) etc.


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