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RTC 6, OSLC, how to create WI with enumerations using getExtendedProperties().put(new QName..

Rafael Rodriguez Montes (23013124244) | asked Oct 10 '16, 7:11 p.m.
I'm developing a java client for create WI using OSLC and lyo and I'm passing the values through getExtendedProperties().put(new QName, but for the case that I need to specify values of attributes that are part of enumeration, it doesn't work, so I would like to know the use of getExtendedProperties().put(new QName for enumerations and literals or values of this types of attributes?

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Sujith Babu Bandla (265) | answered Sep 04 '17, 8:54 a.m.

Hi Rafael,

Please try to implement similarly,so that you can fill the enumeration attribute.

//Look at the allowed values for Priority. This is generally a required field for defects.
Property PriorityProperty = shape.getProperty(new URI(""+"vehicle_build_phase_new"));
if(null !=PriorityProperty) {
URI allowedValuesRef2=PriorityProperty.getAllowedValuesRef();
ClientResponse allowedValuesResponse2= client.getResource(allowedValuesRef2.toString(),OslcMediaType.APPLICATION_XML);
AllowedValues allowedValues2 = allowedValuesResponse2.getEntity(AllowedValues.class);
Object[] values2 = allowedValues2.getValues().toArray();
defect1.getExtendedProperties().put(new QName("","vehicle_build_phase_new", "rtc_ext"), (URI) values2[1]);

Sujith Babu

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