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How to insert artifacts from another project

Andrew Clement (7271769) | asked Sep 30 '16, 8:49 a.m.
I am using DOORS Next Generation 6.0.2.
My company defined a "standard" project with "standard" artifacts that should be reused by other modules in other projects.
I tried to insert those "standard" artifacts into a module in another project but it seems that this is not achievable at the moment.

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Howard Hsiao (5.5k17) | answered Sep 30 '16, 8:54 a.m.
There is an enhancement request in, but it has not been implemented after 3 years since its creation.

To workaround this issue at the moment, here are some options:
1. Create a custom project template that will always create those artifacts.
But this is for future projects, not existing projects.

2. Use the "Copy From Project" feature
As of 6.0.2, there is a feature to "Copy From Project" where you can copy those standard artifacts into the present project.
Please have a look at the documentation on IBM Knowledge Center, as it requires some setup such as adding an RDF URI value to the artifact types.

3. Do a ReqIF export/import
This requires us to set an RDF URI value to the artifact types of both the source and target projects to make sure duplicate types are not created.
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Kirk Grotjohn (1.2k3) | answered Sep 30 '16, 5:00 p.m.
Another option:
You can't insert an artifact from another project into the module, but you can insert artifacts from another project into an artifact.  So you can create a "placeholder" artifact (or artifacts) in the current project, insert the "standard" artifacts into the placeholder artifacts, and then add those to your module. 

Just know that if you baseline the current project, that does not "freeze" the content from other projects, so unless you insert baselines of the standard requirements, they could still change even in a baseline of the current project. 

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