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Is there a known issue with 6.0.2 RQM and importing content for custom manual test script attributes?

David Kanen (62) | asked Aug 05 '16, 11:35 a.m.

Using v6.0.2, in RQM, in preparation for importing manual test scripts from WORD, created a new manual test script custom attribute called "externalComment".  Created a new manual script template to include this custom attribute.  Set the new template to be default.

My script is in table form, with three columns, description, expected results and externalComment.  Using the RQM  RQMExcelWordImporter, generated the XML file without error.  From within RQM, imported this XML file, again without error.

I opened the newly created manual test script and all the data from description and expected results was present but there was no data in the externalComment column.

The line in the configuration file is

testscript.steps.customAttributes identifier="externalComments" name="externalComments" type=MEDIUM_STRING value=Table("Step #).D

NOTE: the above line from the configuration file was based off the example given in the release notes.  The "dots" needed to be removed to put the line in a valid XML format.

Any thoughts?  Has this been a problem with manual testscripts and custom attributes.

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Mehul Patel (9695) | answered Aug 16 '16, 4:21 a.m.

Custom manual test script attributes works v602 onward, I would suggest to try with exporting to repository to check if tool reports any error. (Not sure if it is typo but type information needs to be in double quote i.e. type="MEDIUM_STRING", please check)


David Kanen commented Aug 18 '16, 4:32 p.m.


So here is the thing.  I had created a custom attribute for manual test scripts and called it "testComment".  The saved the attribute.  Then realized that I really wanted the attribute to be plural and changed it to "testComments".

Then when I created the configuration file  to import a procedure and to include the custom attribute, I enter values for the custom attribute ".identifier="testComments" .name="testComments".  Then export from WORD with the configuration file, then attempted to import the generated XML file to RQM.  The result was no information in my custom attribute.  By going back to the configuration file and using the first entry for my custom attribute (first save as "testComment") for identifier. Then re-exported then re-imported and custom attribute was now populated with my imported data.

So it seems that once the identifier is set, it does not change.  This is not apparent from the interface for creating and modifying the custom attributes.  If the name and identifier get out of sync, there is no way to remedy it.

Mehul Patel commented Aug 19 '16, 5:52 a.m.


Yes, once the identifier is set, it doesn't change. If you change the identifier with new value then in subsequent import it will create new custom attribute with that new identifier.


David Kanen commented Aug 19 '16, 9:17 a.m.


I guess the real issue is that there is no visibility to the Identifier in the RQM interface. Only the attribute name is visible and modifiable.  So there is no way to determine if the identifier and name are out of sync.  We were only able to figure it out by looking at the server side XML output for a manual script that already existed in RQM.

So if you have no visibility to the identifier, you cannot know whether it matches its name.  IF they don't match and you are unaware, the import configuration file will be wrong and in import could be completed.


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David Kanen (62) | answered Aug 18 '16, 4:39 p.m.

Found that I had changed the name of the custom attribute after I created it.  Originally created the attribute with the name "externalComment".  Saved it then realized it wanted it to be pural.  So edited the name of the attribute and resaved it as "externalComments".  Apparently this put the attribute identifier out of sync with the attribute name, though the attribute identifier is not a visible value on the custom attribute interface.

So my configuration file entry of:

testscript.steps.customAttributes identifier="externalComments".name="externalComments" type="MEDIUM_STRING".value=Table("Step #).D

did not populate my manual test script with any data.  Changing the configuration file entry to be:

testscript.steps.customAttributes identifier="externalComment".name="externalComments" type="MEDIUM_STRING".value=Table("Step #).D

Now the export from WORD and import to RQM worked.

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