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RTC Checkin a large files result into CRJAZ0265E The database resource or the virtual storage is not available

Natarajan Thirumeni (298831) | asked Jul 27 '16, 6:18 a.m.
edited Aug 01 '16, 12:42 p.m. by David Lafreniere (4.8k7)
You're trying to attach a large SINGLE file (about 800 MBs) to RTC SCM and it fails due to size of the file.
Attaching a small file works. 

The error message in the RTC log (either ccm or jazz depends on the root context)

The question, how do you prevent this is from happening so that can attach a large file?

2016-07-26 13:54:54,118 [WebContainer : 8 @@ 13:53 <Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:47.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/47.0@> /ccm/service/] ERROR sqlExceptionLogger - CRJAZ1318E The server could not connect to the database. Try the operation again. CRJAZ0265E The database resource or the virtual storage is not available. SQL: INSERT INTO SCM.CONTENT(HASH_CODE, SEQUENCE_COL, STORED_SIZE, EXPANDED_SIZE, STORAGE_METHOD, DELTA_PREDECESSOR, DELETED, CONTENT_BYTES) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?) SQL Exception #1 SQL Message: DB2 SQL Error: SQLCODE=-964, SQLSTATE=57011, SQLERRMC=null, DRIVER=4.17.28 SQL State: 57011 Error Code: -964 DB2 SQL Error: SQLCODE=-964, SQLSTATE=57011, SQLERRMC=null, DRIVER=4.17.28 at at at at at at at at at at at at at

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Natarajan Thirumeni (298831) | answered Jul 27 '16, 6:25 a.m.
Although is not suggested to store a such large file into SCM database, try uploading the large file into file server, append the link into RTC WI.

However if you business requirement is to attach a large file, then you can workaround this issue by tuning DB2 database file sizes. The suggested values to check in about 800 + MB file is below.


You need to restart DB2 server for this changes to take effect (in some case it does no required, but its safe to restart). Run

>db2 get db cfg for <dbname>

the cfg file should list configration of your DB, including the log changes you've made. Ensure the changes is picked up.

You're good to go to attach a large file. As always, please avoid attaching a large files into SCM database.

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Dinesh Kumar B (4.1k413) | answered Jul 27 '16, 6:26 a.m.
Hi Nattu,

I guess you have already looked at increasing the transaction log space, if not, below is a DB2 Troubleshooting technote, which suggests increasing transaction log space could help :


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