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Creating reports that will combine requirement tracebility and test case detailed result.

Piotr Pawlowski (1223) | asked Jun 16 '16, 8:37 a.m.

I need to generate a requirement traceability report that would also contain the the detailed test result.
Using RQM 5.0.2 (migrating to 6) - RM, QM, CCM

Basically I have got a set of top level requirements that are linked 'parent->child' to product requirements.
Product requirements are then linked 'validated by' to Test Cases.

Once I will execute the test cases and have a test execution record + test result, I want to be able to produce a report from the top level requirement that would show the link to product requirement and the detailed step by step test result for that product requirement.

This is an attempt to generate evidence type report for top level requirement.

scenarios will include:
ONE-  top level requirement - TO ONE - product requirements
ONE - top level requirement - TO MANY - product requirements
ONE - product requirement - TO ONE - test case
ONE - product requirement - TO MANY - test cases

I have got no experience with custom reports.
Please HELP.

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Clara Forero (6212) | answered Jun 23 '16, 10:33 a.m.
Hi Piotr,

In CLM 6.0 you have different options to handle your reporting needs.  Here is a link to the documentation for CLM Reporting.  Based on the description of the report you want to create, Report Builder will be your best option.  Your starting artifact will be a Requirement and from that point you should be able to add Traceability Links to the other artifacts you want to include.  The link above will guide you to more detailed information about how to use Report Builder (part of the Jazz Reporting Service).

Thank you,
Clara Forero
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