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Does anyone have a BIRT example of an RTC widget?

Daniel Flores Montanez (19713) | asked May 17 '16, 11:06 a.m.
 I have BIRT installed on my laptop and have been trying to figure out how to develop a widget.
Truth is, the instructions are a bit confusing. (Making it a micro report, which is not really explained well among other things)

I was hoping someone had a BIRT zip file of a working widget that I could reverse engineer?


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Miguel Tomico (5001123) | answered May 17 '16, 11:35 a.m.
- Create a BIRT report as normal.
- When you upload the rptdesign file as a Report Resource in the Project Area, make sure the Identifier contains the word 'micro'.
- Attempt to create a 'report' widget. It should appear in the dropdown list.
As simple as that.

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