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Validate work item list attribute in Web UI. [RTC 5.0.2]

Abhishek Kumar (49722) | asked May 03 '16, 6:05 a.m.
 Hello All,

I have a work item list attribute (say Attribute A) present inside a customized work item. when a user selects a list of work items into the attribute A, i need to validate the work items selected into the attribute is of only a specific type.

I have explored the possibility of java based validator but according to this article, the validation only happens at the server side.
is there any way that i can notify the user  as soon as he makes a selection into the attribute A with a wrong list of work items??

Business Justification: We can validate using pre-conditions but the user may be working on other attribute field(s) and hence will cause inconvenience. 

Thanks in Advance,
Abhishek Kumar

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Stefan Oblinger (185213) | answered May 04 '16, 9:54 a.m.
It is not possible, as far as i know. Enhancement 99841 is about reducing the list of possible work item types in the work item selection dialog. You may vote for the ER if the solution would satisfy your requirement.

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