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How to detect lifecycle event "ARTIFACT_OPENED" or "ARTIFACT_CLOSED" refers to a module?

Adrian Haw (2741041) | asked Mar 28 '16, 5:52 a.m.
The documentation is not very clear - does the event ARTIFACT_OPENED or ARTIFACT_CLOSED event relate to a module only or is there a way to detect the type of opened/closed artifact? Reason is the called function should only be executed when a user opens or closes a module.

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Adrian Haw (2741041) | answered Mar 28 '16, 10:04 a.m.
OK, looking at some other example code from IBM I think it can be solved by the following.

// Subscribe to the ARTIFACT_OPENED event
RM.Event.subscribe(RM.Event.ARTIFACT_OPENED, function(ref) {
    // Get the artifact attributes
    RM.Data.getAttributes(ref, RM.Data.Attributes.FORMAT, function(opResult) {
        // Check previous call completed OK
        if (opResult.code === RM.OperationResult.OPERATION_OK) {
            // Load an array with the attributes of the artifact
            var attrs =[0];
            // If the artifact is a module (the value of the attribute 'format' of the artifact is identical to that of a module)
            if (attrs.values[RM.Data.Attributes.FORMAT] === RM.Data.Formats.MODULE) {
                // call a function to do something with the module having handle 'ref'
            } else {
                // it's not a module so do something else (or do  nothing) with the artifact

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