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Comment Count in Views

Ana Gonzalez (131) | asked Apr 20 '18, 8:27 p.m.
I'm using DNG 6.03 and I notice that Comment Count does not appear in Views if the comment was not recent.
Is this a bug or working as designed? 

For instance, I open a view of a collection.  There are approximately 200 artifacts that I know have unresolved comments in them because I generated a report of the collection and included comments.  However, when I look at the View it only shows 25 rows with the Comment Count icon which I can hover over. 

If I open the artifact that I know has a comment in it, I notice the comment was added over 2 weeks ago. If I then reply to the comment, and return the View, refresh the View,  the Comment Count icon appears as expected! 

If this is working as designed, what is considered "recent" -- comments made within the last day? 2 days? 1 week? 

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