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Class compatibility issue while instantiating services using RTC client api

Nilesh Patil (1733550) | asked Mar 08 '16, 11:47 a.m.

Hi All,

I have created UI based eclipse plugin on top of RTC client. I am trying to instantiate IProcessItemService using RTC client api. I have used below



System.out.println("start up platform");



String repoUri = "serverUrl";

TeamRepository repository = (TeamRepository) TeamPlatform.getTeamRepositoryService().getTeamRepository(repoUri);

repository.registerLoginHandler(new MyLoginHandler());

try {


IContributor user = repository.loggedInContributor(); processItemService = ( repository

.getClientLibrary(;// This is where it throws classcast exception

} catch (TeamRepositoryException e1) {



Could you please let me know where I am doing wrong thing or missing any inputs.

The log it shows is,

 java.lang.ClassCastException: incompatible with org.eclipse.swt.widgets.TypedListener.handleEvent(
at org.eclipse.swt.widgets.EventTable.sendEvent(
at org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Widget.sendEvent(
at org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Display.runDeferredEvents(
at org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Display.readAndDispatch(
at org.eclipse.ui.internal.Workbench.runEventLoop(
at org.eclipse.ui.internal.Workbench.runUI(
at org.eclipse.ui.internal.Workbench.access$4(
at org.eclipse.ui.internal.Workbench$

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