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Issue in loading components via SCM command line

Pravin Patil (104142133) | asked Feb 29 '16, 8:19 p.m.
I am new to SCM command line. I am following the instructions at - and stuck at the step of loading workspace.

Command used to load: U:\PatilP\Desktop\Pravin\RTC\RTCclient5.0.2\jazz\scmtools\eclipse\Sample-New>lscm load -r local --all SCM_16.03_AT_Workspace

The loading fails with the below error:
Problem running 'load':
Load could not complete due to collisions.  Overwrite existing items with --force or specify a different load target for the component.
Issue in loading components via SCM command line

I have a fresh directory created for this load which is not referred anywhere else. So not able to understand the collision issue.

Please suggest how to proceed?

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Tuan Nguyen Minh (691421) | answered Feb 29 '16, 11:22 p.m.
By default, the load command loads all components' contents into same directory. So if there are files that have the same name in different components, the command will return with conflict error.
Use -i (or --include-root) option to deal with this case.
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Pravin Patil commented Mar 01 '16, 12:12 p.m.

 adding -i worked, thanks!

Pravin Patil commented Mar 01 '16, 12:27 p.m.

Actually I had to add --force too for making the load complete successfully.

So the final command was "lscm load -r local -i --all --force SCM_16.03_AT_Workspace"

Tuan Nguyen Minh commented Mar 03 '16, 2:32 a.m.

Be careful when using -f (or --force) option. It helps the load to complete successfully but will not help to load the workspace completely in case conflict arise. The option forces to overload the existing file in the target directory, which means if different files in different components have the same name, after loading, only one file is loaded, others are overwritten.

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