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Story points, closing a story and testing

Morten Madsen (3053250) | asked Feb 18 '16, 5:49 a.m.
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I agree in the solution, but now I have a question about the "next step".

So, you work with your story, you complete the development and then the story gets "ready for testing", so you put the story in "Ready for test". One dilemma now is, that if your "Ready for test" state is not in "Closed" group, then you won't cash in the story points in the current sprint, because the testing might take some time.

How would you solve this?

We are currently doing as follows:
  1. Decompose a main story to many sub-stories
  2. The developer then directly closes these sub stories when done and thereby cash in on the story points.
  3. When all sub stories are done, the main story (with no story points) is set ready for test
  4. Defects are created against the main story, and remains in "Ready for test" until all defects are solved
  5. If a defect is in fact "missed functionality" a new child story is created instead.
Does this sound..... uhm... sound?

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