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[Q] Change history in DNG is managed by delta or by whole content ?

Taemin(TM) KO (91310) | asked Feb 12 '16, 2:57 a.m.
We are estimating potential volum DNG is going to require in a few years. One sub-topic among them is change history management in DNG.

When I create an artifact in DNG whoce conent is A and later updated into B, DNG shows current content as B and provide history functionality for user to review what it was before like source code version management. In that case, does DNG manage whole history information only with Delta or each whole content?

As far as I'm concerned, in SCM it's common to save latest version and a couple of deltas, difference between adjacent versions. Is it same in DNG?

For the example above, does DNG save B and A (Whole conent) ? or save B and (B-A: Deata only) ?

The latter one looks better since it seems to require less storage as we have change histories compared with the former one.

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