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Multiple Active RemoteEnterpriseProcessService cause server slowness/hang

Chao Wang (225112) | asked Feb 01 '16, 12:29 p.m.
Update to a Master project causes update to be done on each of the child project areas' process. This resulted in RemoteEnterpriseProcessService being started every 30 seconds, eventually causes server hang due to old services not finishing before the new ones are started.

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Chao Wang (225112) | answered Feb 01 '16, 12:34 p.m.
The setting "" in each application's advanced properties page will control how often the system checks to see if a process specification is out of date.  Update the time to a value greater than how long each of the service require to complete, this prevent too many services being accumulated. The default setting is 30 seconds. The RequestRemoteEnterpriseProcessUpdatesTask task will update every process configuration that are out of sync until all of the processes are updated.

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