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DB2 workgroup server - any limitations?

Mike Johnson (28624221) | asked Aug 03 '09, 1:43 p.m.
We are evaluating RTC 2.0. We don't know a whole lot about DB2, so looking for help here. The article "RTC 2.0 Sizing Guide" ( discusses a single-tier load of up to 700 users using DB2 9.1 or DB2 9.5 FP 4 (and lots of other things, like lots of RAM, etc... But I am only interested in the DB for this discussion.)

1. Were these tests conducted using the "Workgroup Server" edition of DB2 that actually comes with RTC?

2. Assume that the answer to #1 is yes; then assume that we were to run with, say, 500 users connecting to a single RTC server whose DB is DB2 9.1 Workgroup Server Edition. Are there any additional licensing costs associated with DB2 in this configuration? (I know nothing about DB2 pricing...)

3. Does DB2 Workgroup Server edition support hosting the DB data on a NAS?

Thanks in advance,
Mike Johnson

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Mike Johnson (28624221) | answered Aug 06 '09, 9:13 a.m.
OK, since I haven't gotten an answer on this one yet, I'll ask a simpler question... If we were to run RTC for, say, 300 users, would the DB2 Workgroup Server edition included with RTC standard be up to the task? Would there be any additional cost associated with the DB here, or is it just the RTC licenses?


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