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RRDI - Zero-Value Columns not Included along X-Axis

Mike Leipe (346) | asked Dec 14 '15, 2:21 p.m.


I'm using Cognos Report Studio 10.2.1, getting my data from Rational Team Concert v5.

I had a hard time thinking up a title for this one - hopefully I can explain what I'm struggling with here.

I'm trying to create a column chart that shows how many work items of a certain type have been opened each month since the release of a version of a product.

My x-axis is the integer number of months since release and each column represents the number of work items opened in the past month.

I'm quite happy with what I've got so far but I do have one problem.  There are some months in which none of these work items have been opened and so I don't see a value for that month on the x-axis.

As an example, I had one work item opened during month 32 and one opened during month 34, with no work item opened in month 33.  My chart now shows the month 32 column immediately adjacent to the month 34 column with no gap for the zero value at month 33.  I want to see the "full story" of my arrivals stretched out across the entire lifespan.  I also want to be able to compare releases at a glance and missing columns makes that almost impossible.

Is there a way to convince Report Studio to include along the x axis even those months during which no work items were opened?



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