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Any way to configure the RTC SCM Web client to support editing Markdown files

Richard Thompson (83) | asked Nov 27 '15, 4:55 a.m.
edited Nov 27 '15, 4:55 a.m.
We are using RTC v  5.0.2

We are looking at storing documentation in RTC SCM in the form of markdown files. And making it EASY for business analysts to update via the RTC Web Front End.

Markdown ( is a lightweight markup language written inplain text..... but typically saved as a ".md" file extension.

I know you can use the RTC Web front end to create and edit text files (*.txt) .... is there any way to configure RTC's web front end to :

1. recognize that markdown files (*.md) should be treated as text files and not binary?

2. Can we update the RTC web editor to support syntax highlighting for markdown files? If you view a .java file in the RTC web front end for example... you get syntax highlighting ... is this something that we can setup for markdown files?

I know the IBM BlueMix online editor has good support for Markdown ... just keen to understand what we can do with RTC  5.0.2


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Chris McGee (50511117) | answered Nov 27 '15, 11:16 a.m.
There is no way to hook in custom rendering plugins into the RTC SCM web views at the moment. It would be a good RFE to raise as I'm sure that others would like that kind of functionality.

For now, one alternative is to use the Windows Shell client and a text editor + viewer that supports markdown.

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