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Re-executing one test case in a test suite , does not roll up to the test suite results

renuka vasudevan (1319) | asked Nov 10 '15, 6:56 a.m.

hi .

  I have say 10 test cases in a test suite , and i have created TSER . Now say one of the test case was originally Fail. Now after the fix , i am re-executing only that test case and i am able to see the latest test case result.

But this updated result does not seem to roll up to the test suite results.

Am i missing something?

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paul chu (59411) | answered Nov 10 '15, 1:39 p.m.
Hi Renuka,

When you started a test suite execution, the instances of the test case executions are created and associated to the test suite execution.  Those test case executions can not be replaced by other test case executions.  The test cases within a test suite are supposed to be related so that you can treat the test suite as a single unit.  Changing one of the test cases will need to re-test all of the test cases.

If a test case in a test suite is not depended on or related to the other test cases and can be tested individually, then it probably should not be part of the test suite.  Categories and custom attributes can be used if the intent if for grouping of the test cases.

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