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Process template is not being applied to a different project.

jeff mccallum (302912) | asked May 20 '13, 4:25 p.m.
 Using the Eclipse RTC plug in I connected to my RQM project and "extract process template"

Applying my process template by downloading the links and applying them to my new project in the "links" tab does not apply the changes.

I tried recycling the Jazz server but the catalog, custom attributes and templates were not applied to my project.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

I followed this guide

Migrating a project to a different process template

To migrate a project from one process template to another, you must copy the process configuration from the new template to the existing project. If the project has assigned various roles and work items states, you may need to merge the configurations or change existing roles and states to comply with the new process.

Simple process replacement

For projects that have few users, roles, and work items, and a minimum of work item state changes, you might be able to simply copy and replace one configuration source with another:

  1. Open the project that you want to migrate and click the Process Configuration Source tab.
  2. Press Ctrl+a to select all. Press Delete.
  3. In the Process Templates view, open the process template that you want to migrate to, and click the Process Configuration Source tab. Press Ctrl+a to select all. Right-click and click Copy.
  4. In the existing project on the Process Configuration Source page, right-click and click Paste.
  5. If the new configuration references process attachments that were not used in the old configuration, add the new attachments by using the controls on the Links tab.

This replaces the Roles, Project Configuration, and Team Configuration data on the Process Configuration page. It does not replace the timelines and process iterations shown on the Overview page or the entries on the Work Item Categories page. You must manually change that data to comply with the new process template.

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Kot T. (1.5k11219) | answered May 20 '13, 4:50 p.m.
edited May 20 '13, 4:59 p.m.
Hi Jeff,

"extract process template" will extract the configurations of a project and create a template on the server. After extracting process template from the project, you will see a new template in the 'Process Template' tab(view) in Eclipse. This new template can be used to create new project areas.

In my opinion, the steps in the 'Migrate a project to a different process template' above should be applied only if the source and the target are very similar. Significant changes to the process template of an existing project where there are a lot of artifacts (work items, plans, users, workflows, etc) can cause some unexpected results to the existing artifacts and can sometimes be very hard to debug. In this case, I would recommend that you manually merge the change to an existing project...instead of copying the entire process xml from the source and pasting it in the target project. In Eclipse client, this can be manipulated in the 'process configuration source' tab of the project area.

The step to download attachment and add in the links tab is to ensure that any references to files in the template can find the files. For example, if you add an extra icon for a new work item type in the source project, you will want to download the file and add it in the target project as well.

jeff mccallum commented May 20 '13, 5:17 p.m.

 Hi Kot,

Just noticed that I can not create a Project via the Web and use the template I made.
I successfully did create a project via the RTC eclipse client with my template.

The project I made via my template I don't get all my project property settings.
Specifically it is missing "Lab Resource Properties".

I was hoping by copying my Process template I would get all of the project properties. As this project as a lot of customization.
Is it supposed to copy the lab resource properties?

My method before was using the RTC client and select a project. The selecting the "Links" tab and for "attachments" adding in my process attachements from my template. This did not work though. 

Kot T. commented May 20 '13, 5:39 p.m.

Hi Jeff,
The project properties are not included in the process template. This is why they do not get copied to a new project that is created from the template.

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