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Do preconditions and followup actions execute when importing work items from ClearQuest records?

Sudheer Rugbeer (11521632) | asked Nov 04 '15, 1:02 p.m.

We are importing work items from ClearQuest, and there is a requirement to automatically link them to other work items in the RTC repository (based on the value of a common attribute).

I have written a follow-up action which will execute on a work item save operation, however it appears that my extension is not executing during the import.
I am debugging using Jetty (as per the extensions workshop) and have a breakpoint set at the start of the run() method, however this is never triggered during the CQ import, but is triggered if I manually create/modify a work item.

Do the preconditions and followup actions execute during the CQ import? Or should I start looking at an alternative solution like using the Plain Java or REST APIs?


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