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What is the best way to import a custom process configuration?

Daniel Ruebush (9714887) | asked Sep 28 '15, 11:56 a.m.
Hi All,
We have a highly customized project process configuration, I may not import the csv file directly, but it was suggested that I need to use a custom mapping
file. For the detail instruction of using the mapping file, please
refer to the document:

Then I should be able to use the xml file as the mapping file during the import.

I think this will take lot of time do it manually one by one.       
Here is the solution I want to propose and let me know if this would work:                                                              
1. I will create a new export template, by exporting a SCR type work item.        
2. Give this new template to the system test team and askvthem to populate the data in this new template                      
3. Then, will I be able to directly import the new  template with data?           

This would make it a lot easier as we are seeing only 5-6 workitems, but totally I have 1000+ workitems            


1. How can we import attachments?                                   
2. If there is no value in the csv for a required field, what happens?            
3. Can comments be imported in from csv?                            
4. If the value in csv is not matching with value in drop

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Ralph Schoon (62.7k33643) | answered Sep 28 '15, 12:12 p.m.
You have to create the mapping file in the wizard. You can use a small query to create the mapping file.
Then you have to fill the mapping file with the value mappings, where needed - where there are differences in the source and the target process.

I would test the import in a test system, until you are satisfied with the result.

If you have required attributes and there is no value in the source, the work item won't import. One solution is to disable the required attributes during the import.

If the values don't map, the value will not be imported. This is important especially for team area values, categories, iterations, releases.

You can't import work item attachments. I did some work and that would be a entry point for a solution.

I have created my own importer based on that can export and import attachments, but it is not really tested enough to publish.  
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Ralph Schoon commented Sep 28 '15, 2:25 p.m.

PS: consider your naming. You want to import work items from a  CSV file.

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