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create draft workitem from another project with OSLC

David MICHEL (1471943) | asked Sep 15 '15, 7:46 a.m.
    We have created a RTC plugin to create a draft workitem from another workitem. It works when both workitem is in the same project. Unfortunately when I try to create a draft workitem in the project B from a workitem in the project A, I have the following message:
RequestError: Unable to load https://localhost:7443/jazz/oslc/contexts/_XpNjwFt_EeW5a8Rx3gI8rg/drafts/workitems status: 409

the id, _XpNjwFt_EeW5a8Rx3gI8rg is my project B.

could you help me to explain where is the issue ?

Thank you in advance.

Best regard

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