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A way to automatically set mvsCodePage property for newly created files

Steven Chen (112) | asked Aug 17 '15, 12:41 p.m.
Hi dear RTC development team:

Product version:
RTC 5.0.2

In our projects, we need to load a signficant amount of source files with mvsCodePage property set so that these files can be loaded as EBCDIC on zOS USS by scm USS command line client.

1. Is there a global way (such as in a .project file) that can ensure every files newly created and delivered under a certain rule (such as under certain directories, or with certain file suffix) will automatically have this mvsCodePage property set? There seems to be a way to do this with file mime type, but not with mvsCodePage?
2. If there is no such a way, is there a way to customize the 'deliver' process (in both RTC eclipse client and scm Unix command line client) so that file newly created will automatically have this mvsCodePage property set?

Any suggestions will be appreicated.


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