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Java classes address of some actions ALM 5.0.2

Alex Marinho (1111) | asked Aug 05 '15, 6:29 a.m.
  Hello people! I'm doing a project which uses ALM 5.0.2 , the project is based on a external service which monitores VM.

I need to know just one java class address of some user actions as :

-> Java class address responsable for query user's licenses. (Need to extract  user and which license he is using). (I tried to monitor, the method perform_GET, but its not always that he uses this method).

-> Java class addres responsable for Hour tracking of an activity. I believe its a rest service, I need to know to get the user and the hour he saves.

-> Jaa class address responsable for change of codes uploaded on an activity. Need to extract which user and the code he sent. 

Its hard to find , so i'm trying to get some info here, i just need one java class address which is responsable for the main operation of these actions.

Thanks !

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