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Is there a job or process that runs to update the data warehouse with new custom attributes to be accessible to JRS?

Janet Charbonneau (852654) | asked Jul 28 '15, 1:09 p.m.

I am having an issue where new custom attributes are not showing up as available attributes in JRS.  We upgraded to 5.0.2 in May.  All of my custom attributes that were created before the upgrade are showing up as available in JRS, including both single select and multi-select enumerations (ie enumerations and enumeration lists).  I added an attribute in June that was an enumeration and it is showing up as available.  I added new attributes last week which included both enumerations and enumeration lists and none of these new attributes are showing up as available. 

All of the data warehouse collection jobs have run successfully under the jts admin and ccm admin areas.  Is there another job somewhere that may not be running properly to update the data warehouse with these new attributes?

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Cherie Revells (18111) | answered Jul 28 '15, 3:40 p.m.
Hi Janet.

You should also refresh the data source in JRS.  This can be done by selecting your data source on the data sources page and clicking Refresh.

Do you have data in the CCM project area that is using the custom attributes (e.g. a work item where a value was set for the custom attribute)?  In 5.0.2, custom attributes will only appear in JRS if they are used by the CCM data.  In 6.0, custom attributes are done a little differently and they will show up in JRS when they are defined in CCM.

One other thing to consider, is that the name of the custom attribute in JRS will be based on the id that it was given.  In 6.0, the name will match the custom attribute name.

I hope this helps.
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Janet Charbonneau commented Jul 28 '15, 4:48 p.m.


Thank you so much for the answer!!!  Per your instructions, I went into JRS and refreshed the data source and all of the new custom attributes showed up as available in the JRS report builder.

Also, thanks for the information about some of the differences in 6.0.  Those sound like great improvements over how it is done in 5.x.


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