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Copy of Testcase/Testsuite Artifact template creates duplicate section during Excel Import

AnuM C P (15714) | asked Jul 08 '15, 5:56 a.m.
 Steps to reproduce:
1.Browse to Settings>Manage Artifact Template
2.Click to create a copy of any existing Test Case template. Give it a different name and seems a different ID is as well assigned. Make this testcase/testsuite template as default.
3.Add a custom section called Remarks from the same wizard.
4.Next go to open the XLS to be imported into RQM.
4.If you have a XLS to import Testcase/testsuite, create a column with Remarks and have the following lines included in the CFG file for importing custom section content.


excerpt from Wiki:

To define a custom section, simply replace the first parameter with a valid name, and the second with a display name:

testcase.Section("myns:mysection","my custom section")=C

5.Now perform the XLS import.
6.If the import is successful, you will notice the Custom section "Remarks" already created (Step 3 above) is not updated, else a duplicate section with the same name is reflected 

RQM Version 502.


It is evident that the XLS import is unaware of the already existing custom section , so my search is as follows:

a)Is this expected or unexpected behaviour?
b) If yes,is there any specific changes to be made to the above mentioned syntax in CFG file?

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Paul Slauenwhite (8.4k12) | answered Jul 08 '15, 6:45 a.m.
You may be using the wrong namespace for the section.

To determine the name/display name of predefined sections:

  1. Update the predefined section of a resource in the Rational Quality Manager UI.
  2. Read the resource as XML with abbreviate=false .
  3. Locate the element in the XML document with the section name (e.g. ).
  4. Locate the extensionDisplayName attribute in the element containing the section display name (e.g. RQM-KEY-TC-ACCEPT-CRITERIA-TITLE ).

AnuM C P commented Jul 09 '15, 5:37 a.m.

 Here is my attempt to find the namespace from XML, which is empty

Also the ID as is displayed as ""

 <ns2:section content="" name="Remarks" id="" description="FSS_Remarks Capture" />
  <ns2:section content="" name="Reports to be verified" id="" description="FSS_Reports to be verified" />

I am missing something here. Can you help me Paul?

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