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Creating a Defect Log in RTC

rashmi sonekar (111) | asked Jul 13 '09, 5:08 a.m.
Hi ,

I belong to IGA account and hence we need to be OPAL compliant.
For that we are currently using Clearquest for Work product Inspection and defect management.

Since we started using RTC, everyone in the team is liking it and so would like to extend RTC for WPI and defect management also.

My questions/concerns in this regard are

1) We need to have a defect log wherein the reviewer can add/modify/delete the defects entered. The screen should be very much like "Approval TAB" of the existing work item types where we can add/delete/modify the approvers. I have already gone through the article 129 (work item customization) and checked if I could customize the Approval tab. As per my knowledge the answer is NO. Please comment.

2) I feel to get the defect log tab I need to go for the development. Please comment. If the development is required, how to start with that?

I am new to the Jazz development. So, any guidance/reference/links in this regard would be really helpful.

Thanks in advance,

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