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How to do Parallel development of the requirements document in DNG?

Vikash Singh (42965) | asked Jun 19 '15, 6:27 a.m.

I have one requirement document which contains multiple features,in which multiple engineers will work.

I am using DNG 5.0. So Is any mechanism to support parallel development of the document in DNG.

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Keith Collyer (456411) | answered Jun 19 '15, 7:18 a.m.
Adding to what Ralph has said. Let's assume for a start that when you write "document" you are referring to a single DNG module.
The answer does depend on exactly what you are trying to achieve. Ralph is quite correct if you are looking at creating versions or variants of your document. My reading is that you are looking at several people working collaboratively on a single version of the document. Is this correct?
If it is, then you need to do nothing special. DNG already allows different users to edit different requirements (artifacts) in a document (module) at the same time. If two people try to edit the same artifact at the same time, then the locking mechanisms in DNG will prevent this. DNG automatically locks artifacts that are being edited, and users can optionally lock artifacts. For example if you plan to make several changes to different artifacts, you can lock them all in advance.

Ralph Schoon commented Jun 19 '15, 8:02 a.m.

Great point Keith, I kinda missed the obvious.

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Ralph Schoon (57.1k23642) | answered Jun 19 '15, 6:57 a.m.
edited Jun 19 '15, 6:57 a.m.
 Parallel development/configuration management is introduced in 6.x. See and the links provided there. In previous version users ended up creating copies of the data.

Please note, as far as I know there is no requirements document in Doors Next. There are requirements, collections and modules, the latter looking like a document, but are really only referring to requirements.

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