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Kirk Vogen (1271418) | asked Jun 18 '15, 9:27 a.m.
Is the run() method on IFileSystemOperation synchronized? In other words, for a given repository workspace, can only one client call it at a time?

We are working with a build system that will have one or more build hosts (i.e. separate machines). At near the same time, two hosts might be asked to retrieve the source code for different baselines (which ultimately occurs via a call to

Let's assume that two hosts have a local sandbox with the same repository workspace loaded. If host A asks to replace with baseline A while at the same time machine B asks to replace with baseline B, will the two operations be guaranteed to occur one after the other? Or, is there danger that they could happen simultaneously and each hosts' sandbox will be inconsistent?

Originally, we were thinking that each agent would have its own repository workspace. That will work fine, but will mean lots of repository workspaces. It would be convenient to use the same repository workspace for all of the build hosts. But, if that is a risky endeavor, then we will just use a repository workspace per build host.

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