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Trouble opening downloaded .ppt files in Powerpoint 2013

Mahesh Jayaramaiah (1636) | asked Jun 17 '15, 12:35 a.m.

Steps to reproduce the Issue :

   Log into QM Project Area of the RQM  server

  1.   Click Reports > Browse > Shared Reports to view all shared reports
  2.   Select an report type for ex:” Execution Status by Owner using TCER Count (Live)*
  3.   Customize that report by saving a copy of it  with the parameters you have selected
  4.   Finally click the Run Button the Report result will be displayed.
  5.  Now, Click on the Export option and an new window dialog  will be opened .
  6. User can export a report to the selected format like Excel , PDF ,Word, PowerPoint etc..
  7. Finally Click on the Submit dialog box.
  8. The PPT file will be downloaded and the user cannot open that PPt file using MS office 2013 Power point app.

Every time I double click on a PPT I get the message:

"The presentation cannot be opened. Your antivirus program may prevent you from opening the presentation. To fix this problem, make sure your antivirus program is current and working correctly. If the problem persists and the presentation is from someone that you trust, turn off your antivirus program, and then try to open the presentation again. If you do this, make sure you turn on your antivirus program again after you open the presentation."

I tried all the possible workaround solution,its not working

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Don Yang (7.7k21110139) | answered Jun 17 '15, 1:59 a.m.

The functionality really depends on BIRT and currently CLM(v4.x) is using BIRT 2.6.2. It is a known defect that BIRT 2.6.2 doesn't support pptx and xslx formats (please see ).
In comment 15, it is noted that there is a workaround. Please have a try:
Export the report as a .ppt file. If you try and open this in PowerPoint 2013, it will throw an error which you have seen. Rename the file, changing the file extension from .ppt to .pht. Then open it in PowerPoint. The report should come up as expected. Then File > Save As.. and save it as a regular (.pptx) presentation. This won't let you dynamically generate reports in .pptx format, but it will at least let you view them manually.

There is a RFE

for the issue but at the end it is subject to BIRT defect which RQM report is relying on.

I hope this helps.

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