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Any impact if I disable the RTC server HTTPS?

Jia Jia Li (8057140190) | asked Jun 05 '15, 1:45 a.m.
Hi, our RTC has online for a month, but some user complain of the security error when use browser to access RTC.
I want to disable https, and use http. But except the security concern, any other impact?
Since my RTC is running ofr a month, is there any data impact if I change to http?
Any other suggestion? Thanks very much!

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Brian Fleming (1.6k11928) | answered Jun 05 '15, 7:53 a.m.
Aside from the fact that your users credentials would be sent over the network unencrypted, this would change the public URI from https://server:port/ccm to http://server:port/ccm. This would require a server rename. I imagine the security "error" your users are seeing is a result of using a self signed certificate. Why not get a CA signed certificate instead? This would be a simpler solution than server rename and your users ids and passwords would remain protected.

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