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How to link Testsuites to TestPlans using the RQM Excel Importer

David Beange (111364101) | asked May 27 '15, 6:57 a.m.
edited May 27 '15, 8:02 a.m.
RQM v5.0.2

using the RQM Excel Importer to load tests into RQM is there a statement that can be added to the config file that will automatically associate the Testsuite just created with a specific TestPlan id?
eg to link a testcase that has just been created to an existing test plan which has it's id in a particular cell i can do -


I would like to do the same for a testsuite is this possible?


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Don Yang (7.7k21114139) | answered May 28 '15, 1:20 a.m.
Yes, you can do the same for testsuite to be exported and then added to testplan's test suite section.
For example, test plan was created in GUI and its id is 5, then
you can use: testsuite.testplan=LinkExisting("")
in your cfg file to export testsuite into RQM and add it to the test plan:5
A quick test can be done against the sample TestSuite with TestCases 001.xls,
in TestSuite with TestCases 001.cfg, you can comment out test cases related and only use testsuite creation part and
add the above link to cfg file, it will be like:

// this configuration file will create a static testsuite and a testcase object for each one listed
// and link all testcase to the testsuite



you will need to change the testplan id to your real one for it. In my case, it is 5.
if your testplan is also exported from ExcelImporter, you should use external id when exporting testplan. In that case,
using a column in xls file to specify external id and then testsuite.testplan=LinkExisting(C)
(C is the column you have testplan external id specified)

Hopefully this helps.

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