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Update Fields based on Restricted Access selection

Uma venkata Lekkala (52419) | asked May 06 '15, 3:25 p.m.
 We created Access groups that show up in the Restricted access field that governs the work-item security. We now want two other fields to automatically be populated based on the selection of Restricted Access drop down.

Example: "CustomerA-Mechanical" selection on Restricted Access field should populate Customer field to "CustomerA" and Department field to "Mechanical"

I tried using this workaround: Dependent value sets to restrict the drop down options on the two fields to the value that needs to be set only and make fields mandatory using operation behavior. Problem is The Restricted Access field that maps to the Access groups does not show the options!

I can use script based calculated field approach if I know how to write a script that looks for the selected Restricted Access field value and sets the values of other fields.

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