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Social gadget is not working

Vikash Singh (422665) | asked Apr 09 '15, 8:56 a.m.
Hi ,
I created the simple gadget for DNG, I also added it into the dashboard through "Add social Gadget" option by providing the url of that gadget. After adding it shows only the empty gadget also it is not updating into the gadget list of dashboard. 
The xml is as below

<rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf="" xmlns:ju="" xmlns:dc="">
<dc:title>Demo Gadget</dc:title>
<dc:description>This is demo gadget.</dc:description>
<dc:creator>DNG Demo</dc:creator>
<ju:gadget rdf:resource="C:\RTC50Dev\installs\JazzTeamServer\server\tomcat\webapps\extensions\Gadget_Demo\demo_script.xml"/>

In demo_script.xml contains simple Hello message.
After adding the above path into social widget it is not working properly.
Could you please tell me why this is not working properly.

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