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RAM: How to add artifact and relationships to an asset using OSLC

Angelo Littera (1111) | asked Mar 25 '15, 9:17 a.m.
I am successfully using OSLC API to create/update asset on Rational Asset Manager.
But I am not able to use OSCL when I need to add relationships between assets and when I need to add a file artifact into an asset.

Please, did anyone faced this need?
Can someone give me an example?

Angelo Littera commented Mar 25 '15, 10:41 a.m.

I solved my problem with file artifact uploading using OSLC.
Unfortunately for me, I am still facing two problem with OSLC:
- add a relationship between two existing assets
- add a URL artifact into an existing asset

Please, any help is really appreciated.
Many thanks,

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Jim Amsden (26837) | answered May 15 '15, 9:44 a.m.
OSLC can be used to create links between resources in different tools. You can use the OSLC selection dialog of the provider/server to select the target resource, and then store the link in a property of the consuming client.

However, the link must be defined in the participating tools. The link could be defined in the domain specification shared by the tool, or it could be defined by extensibility mechanisms in the providing server. Both tools will need to be able to reflective negotiate linking between resources using links that are extensions of the supported OSLC domain specification. Different domains and supporting tools have different rules about what they do with unrecognized data. The data could be ignored, preserved but not used, reflected on and used by dynamically adapting to the data as it is discovered.

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