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How to copy all the files from a Stream to a PDS thru Build?

Sudesh Kumar (111) | asked Mar 16 '15, 2:54 a.m.


i am running a build gainst a stream to copy all the modules into a PDS by setting the build proprty "deltaPolicy = FULL".

But the issue here for me that the build is failing due to some "hex" or special characher issue with in a module. (there are a lot of modules having this special characters, so it is very difficult to correct teh modules one by one)

Any idea that we can ignore these "hex" or special chatracter issue/error and get the modules in PDS?

Below is the error from Build LOG:

* Caused by: Unable to update the content of /CPYLIB/EWB021P2 due to Input length = 1.

* at

Can come one help me to resolve this?

You can reach me as well.


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