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Too much Artefacts when I use a RM OSLC Query

Stefan Hufnagl (29411920) | asked Jan 09 '15, 5:27 a.m.

I have a strange situation...when I use a RM OSLC Query to get all Artefacts of specific Type I got too many Artefacts back. The reason is some of them appear twice. The Artefacts that I see twice seems to be included in DNG Modules or Collections. Is this a feature or a bug?

BTW, I use the excellent article from

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The Query is here:

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Gabriel Ruelas (1.1k13) | answered Jan 09 '15, 7:53 a.m.
      OSLC handles artifacts included in a module as separate artifacts, for instance if you have a normal artifact and it is included in 4 modules the oslc query for it will return 5 artifacts.  One easy way to differentiate the real artifacts from the ones included in modules is that real artifact has a "nav:parent" entry in the body returned.

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Stefan Hufnagl commented Jan 09 '15, 9:57 a.m.

 Hi Gabriel,

thanks for you answer...I think you are right. In the meantime I found a (for me) better solution. I use the Reporting REST API of DNG 
In this case I can access a prepared DNG View (like: give me all Artefacts of type...) and I got only the "real" amount of Artefacts. With this solution I have the possibility of changing my query with the help of the DNG GUI. 


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