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RTC and Planview integration

Tariq Ashraf (25916) | asked Nov 25 '14, 10:07 a.m.
Did someone work on Planview and RTC integration. I have few concerns regarding this.

i) Which method should we use for integration? The requirement is as follows:
     a) We want to import the work items from PlanView to RTC and vice versa.
     b) We need to update the built-in attributes as well as customized attributes, but some built-in attributes are  
          read only attributes in RTC.
     c) We want to update the status of workitems from Planview to RTC and vice versa.
     d) We need to import Plan/iterations from Planview to RTC.

I would really appreciate your feedback.

Thanks & Regards,
Tariq Ashraf

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