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Performance enhancement for Check-in using Proxy server

Dipen Kakad (611) | asked Nov 18 '14, 12:17 a.m.
In RTC SCM we have our main server in Country A and Proxy server in country B.
A component is loaded , some files changed and changesets checked in from country B using both options (with proxy and without proxy). The time taken for this checkin of 150 MB is
- ~200 sec without proxy
- ~50 sec with proxy

Ideally proxy should not have any impact on checkin, but this does not seems to be the case.
Can any one possibly suggest what could be the reason for this?

This test were performed using RTC 4.0.6


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Ralph Schoon (62.3k33643) | answered Nov 18 '14, 2:06 a.m.
My assumption would be that a check-in requires the server side workspace data (the current versions of the files in the repository workspace on the server) to analyze the difference in the change set and thus gets a boost as the files don't have to be loaded from the server if they are in the cache.

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