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In RRDI/ Insight, how can one get a list of work items related to requirements and test plans/ cases?

Kunal Bajaj (26810) | asked Oct 23 '14, 11:56 a.m.
I looked at the following link for setting up relationships between work items and requirements and test cases in CLM/ RM/ QM. 

Now, in RRDI, how can one display this information. Looking to create a traceability chart. Any help will be appreciated.

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Jackie Albert (1.6k14947) | answered Oct 23 '14, 12:07 p.m.
Hi Kunal,
In the RRDI data model in Report Studio, take a look at the Operational Data Store area.   Under Requirement Area you will see things like "Requirement Related Test Cases"  or "Requirement Related Requests"   (in RRDI all workitems are known as a 'Request').   There are similar links in the Test Case Area for  "Test Case Related Requirements".

You can use these pre-defined relationship types to create a traceability report. Hope this helps!

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